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Orders book for 4 days out. Select 1, 3 or 5 day. If you are wanting a specific pick up date (ex. you are purchasing on a Tuesday but want to pick up the following Monday) please add that in notes and we can change your pick up date when we accept the order.


A 1/3/5 Day Detox

Book your cleanse

1 Day $65   -   3 Day $180   -   5 Day $285

Our traditional HSS Cleanse includes six 16oz Juices per day. Drink Juices evenly spaced throughout your day. You will receive your juices labeled, and instructions upon ordering, as our recipes included in the Cleanse rotate! Price includes a $10 deposit (for 3 and 5 Day) returned in the form of a gift card, upon return of glass jars and tote bag to cafe. We are unable to take our plastic bottles back, but they are made with recycled plastic!

We SHIP! We are currently working on a streamlined process for shipping out Juices and Cleanses! Right now, you are able to order our

3 Day Cleanse online to ship anywhere in the US! 

Introducing HSS NEWEST addition to the menu- The 5 Day Reset!

A new way to cleanse with Hot Shot Sisters, for new and experienced cleansers alike!


We ease you in and out of a 3 Day Cleanse by providing a "half cleanse" on Day 1 and Day 5, which includes a dairy free Protein Superfood Latte and our new Kale Superfood Salad to curb hunger, add fiber and start the detox process.


Days 2, 3 and 4 are "traditional" cleanse days, where you will drink six 16oz juices evenly throughout your day.


What's included in your 5 DAY RESET:

Day 1 & Day 5:

1 - 16oz Protein Superfood Latte

Almond Mylk, Cacao Powder, Cinnamon, Honey, Plant Based Protein


3 - 16oz Juices

D-tox Max, Radiate, Hello Sunshine


1 - Kale Superfood salad with house made Lemon Vinaigrette dressing

Kale and Romain Blend, with toppings Diced beet, Purple Cabbage, sliced almonds and pecans, Pom seeds packaged separate for freshness. Choice of chicken or chickpeas


1 - 2oz Wellness Shot


Day 2, 3, 4:

6 - 16oz Juices each day

Green Machine, Hot Shot Lemonade, Emerald Elixer, Mango Turmeric Lemonade, Beet, Green Machine



Tips and FAQs


Our HSS Cleanse is not claiming to cure or prevent any disease, and do not mistake our *suggestions* as medical advice. Please consult with your physician if a cleanse is right for you, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions.

The purpose of a cleanse is to give the digestive system a break and reset from the traditional "American diet" of high processed foods by flooding the body with juices. Juicing removes the fiber from the produce, allowing for quicker absorption of vitamins and minerals.


-Drink juices evenly spaced through the day

-Start your day with a BIG glass of water, and continue to drink water through out the day

-Eliminate caffeine, processed foods, sugar, dairy, wheat

-After your cleanse, reintroduce heavy foods back in slowly with smaller meals

-Look at your schedule and make sure the timing of your cleanse makes sense so you have the most success. For example, don't plan it over a weekend you know you have a BBQ and you can't resist the pasta salad!


-Do I eat?

Listen to your body. Its not uncommon to have light headaches and feel hunger on a cleanse. These symptoms usually eliminate by day 3. If you choose to eat, eat as "clean and green" as possible. Have small meals or snacks of whole foods and/or lean protein.

-Can I exercise?

Listen to your body. You aren't eating enough carbohydrates (energy) to support heavy exercise. If you do, keep it light, and supplement with food to support your body.

-Will I lose weight?

Weight loss should not be the sole purpose of someone wanting to do a cleanse. You may experience weight loss, but likely it will come back within a few days of eating regularly again.

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