Hot Shot Sisters Crusade

#GivingBack to the Community


Hey friends, we’d love to share a story with you that may help you get to know us

 & what we’re all about here at Hot Shot Sisters. 


In 2017, at 5 months old, our niece was diagnosed with SMA... What is that? We all asked the same question in shock and awe. Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Well, turns out it’s the #1 Genetic cause of death in infants. As Baby Quinn grew older, she grew weaker. Her muscles failed to develop and she began to undergo complications. What should’ve been one of the most joyous times in our families lives, was now consumed in

confusion and the everyday struggle of the unknown, constantly asking “What’s next?” 

As time ticked by our family discovered a medical drug that could aid in the development of Quinn’s muscles. During that journey to provide Quinn with the best care out there, our family, friends & community gathered to raise funds to help aid in these medical costs. Some of you local to Fairbanks may remember Quinn’s Roundup & Spin for Quinn. Together we raised over $70K for Quinn in this great community. 

Sadly, on November 13, 2017 sweet baby Quinn lost her battle with SMA at only 9 months old. It’s extremely hard to comprehend it’s been 2 years without snuggling that sweet baby. 

In memory of Quinn, her parents have worked tirelessly to establish @becauseofq to help create awareness and encourage genetic testing in families so that one day, no family has to

endure the loss of a child due to a genetic disease. 

In October 2019 we introduced you to our very first  #hotshotcrusade  supporting beCAUSE of Q and their efforts. We continue to invite you to support their mission. We are still offering the YETI mugs for $35, all proceeds go to the non-profit AND you receive .50 cents off your purchase every time you use it! 


Our mission at Hot Shot Sisters is to provide our community with the freshest products to help provide you with Energy for Life !! We love supporting our community and giving back as we truly know the love and struggle that life can bring. It takes a community to endure and we’re proud to be a part of yours!!