We offer Charcuterie platters & graze boxes, office lunches, large juice and smoothie orders, make your own quinoa bowls, brunch boxes with fresh pressed OJ (you supply the bubbly) and MORE. Bring us an idea, and we can make it happen!

Our Boujee Boxes are graze style boxes with layers of charcuterie appetizers, including artisan meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, savory and sweet delicacies, and special order + one-of-a kind finds! It all comes packaged in your own take home box, and you can choose to eat out of it, or rearrange on your own platters. We ask that you give us two days notice on box orders so we can make sure to have supplies to create yours!


There is something for everyone, and we are able to modify it to your dietary lifestyle.

Here at Hot Shot Sisters, we take pride in offering and sourcing specialty items and LOCAL goods! This means our catering options change with the seasons, and you probably won't get the same thing twice!


Our latest boxes, as well as oat cups featured local honeycomb, YUM!

We have also partnered with Marlo's Bakery, The Riverboat Discovery Smoked Salmon

and Great Harvest Bread Co.

We're always on the look out for the next featured delicacy! Do you sell or produce something that would be an amazing addition to what we do? Let us know! 

Ready to order your Box?


kale yeah!


Lettuce cater to you!